Rust Removal, Repair, and Prevention

Rust repair is an easy way to keep your car looking good while you own it, and it also helps the resale value when you are ready to sell.

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Rust Prevention

Rust is like cancer to cars because once it starts, it spreads and becomes more damaging if it is not addressed. At the first sign of rust, call Dick Lumpkin’s immediately in order to prevent it from spreading. Minor rust spots can be stopped in their tracks with a little bit of attention from our body experts. The earlier you catch them, the cheaper the repair!


Minor Rust Repairs

As mentioned above, these repairs are relatively quick and easy to take care of when you have experts with the proper tools and materials. Minor rust repairs can be surprisingly affordable and will save you hundreds or thousands in the long run.


Major Rust / Rust Hole Repair

Are you restoring an old classic? Do you have a rare part with rust holes? Or maybe you bought a used truck that has some rust hole developed? Dick Lumpkin’s Auto Body can handle the major rust repairs as well. No matter how bad the rust has gotten, we can still make it look like new again. With a few more steps involved, these repairs cost a little more, but they are still very affordable.


Dick Lumpkin’s Rust Repair Methods and Techniques

The first step in rust repair is rust removal. Using automotive sanding tools, we remove all the rust until the bare metal is exposed again. This step performed properly is crucial to the prevention of future rust. If spots are missed, the rust WILL return. If the rust damage is major, we use a metal mesh, and body filler to raise the area to its original height. Truly extensive damage may require a complete re-fabrication of the area. Once the body damage is repaired, we simply prime and paint with multiple layers and clear coats to blend in with the existing paint.